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This Lion Crosss Christian t-shirts is a customer favorite and one of our top christian t-shirts. Look at the cross. There’s a beaten, humiliated figure gasping for His last breath, held fast by nails through His wrists and feet, writhing in torment. Over His head there’s an inscription in three languages so everyone gets the message – KING of the Jews. (John 19:19, 20) Onlookers mocked Him – “Hail king of the Jews!” Doubters taunted – “Saviour, save yourself!” (Luke 23:35-39)

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After all, wasn’t this the man they saw born in a stable? (Matt 2:2) Didn’t they see him grow up in little nowhere Nazareth? – A carpenter’s son, no “big deal” by earthly standards. (Mark 6:3) He doesn’t even have a single follower willing to stand up with Him at His moment of need. (Matt 26:56) And look, He bled and died, just like anybody else that the brutal Romans nailed to a tree. “What kind of KING is that?” you may ask.

What happened three days later made all the difference in this world and the next. (Eph 4:10) This humble Son of man, silenced by death, was silent no more! The One who sought no earthly kingdom was made the Kind of glory! The bible tells us, “God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow.” (Phil 2:9-11) This powerful truth is conveyed by this Lion All-Over Print line of Christian t-shirts online .

And now, the KING eternal, the KING Immortal, the KING OF KINGS desires to be the KING of your life. Will you bow your knee to the KING that died for you? Use this tee and others in our collection of high quality Christian t-shirts to share your love for Christ with others.